Whale for the Killing

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When an 80-ton fin whale became trapped in a lagoon near his Newfoundland home, Farley Mowat rejoiced at the unique chance to observe one of the world's most magnificent creatures up close. But some of his neighbors saw a different opportunity altogether: in a prolonged fit of violence, they blasted the whale with rifle fire, and scarred its back with motorboat propellers. Mowat appealed desperately to the police, to marine biologists, finally to the press. But it was too late. Mowat's poignant and compelling story is an eloquent argument for the end of the whale hunt, and the rediscovery of the empathy that makes us human.
Victor Scheffer's The Year of the Whale (1969) won an award, Matthiessen's Blue Meridian (1971) was a best seller and Mowat's A Whale for the Killing may prove just as popular. Back in 1967, Mowat, a lover of rugged Northern communities, bought a home in Burgeo on the Sou'west coast of Newfoundland.
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AUTHOR Farley Mowat
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PUBLISH DATE 26 Aug 2012

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Killing zone: Using ropes to pull the pilot whales up the beach, the locals begin to mercilessly kill the whales Consumed: The dead whales will be butchered, with the meat and flubber being used ...

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